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What’s Your Big Idea This Year? Let’s Get to Work, Girl! Win an Edit Year Planner, so we can Rock 2015 Together

17 Jan , 2015  

Edit Year 2015 Planner

  Update: All of the comments were amazing, ladies!!  I can’t wait to rock 2015 together!  Don’t forget to keep me posted on your progress and your wins throughout the year.  You all deserve a planner, obviously, that goes without saying :)…drum roll, please….the winners are Rose McChesney, Trish Bertrand and Cindy Reeves (and the […]

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A Wake Up Call, um Literally…

4 Sep , 2014  


  The past year has been about getting to know myself all over again from the inside out.  And what’s more?  It has been about understanding and loving myself imPERFECTIONs and all.  That has been a life long lesson.  I am sooo much happier now that I have come to realize that I am a […]

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