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Valentine’s Day Wreath

31 Jan , 2015  

Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial by Jen & Co

I love decorating for the holidays!  If I can make a wreath, a banner, perhaps use some GLITTER, then I am in!  Any excuse to buy craft supplies, girl.  Sometimes, I actually manage to make the project I envision and sometimes, not so much. You might have already noticed my obsession with burlap wreaths.  I […]

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The Happy Habits Series: Habit #1 Take Care of Yourself

26 Jan , 2015  

Habit Habits: Take Care of Yourself

Awhile back I wrote about the 10 Habits of Contagiously Happy People.  I thought it would be super fabulous to take each habit from a big vague idea and break it down into bite size steps we can start using today!  These habits are intuitive, we know what we need to do fill our cup […]

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What’s Your Big Idea This Year? Let’s Get to Work, Girl! Win an Edit Year Planner, so we can Rock 2015 Together

17 Jan , 2015  

Edit Year 2015 Planner

  Update: All of the comments were amazing, ladies!!  I can’t wait to rock 2015 together!  Don’t forget to keep me posted on your progress and your wins throughout the year.  You all deserve a planner, obviously, that goes without saying :)…drum roll, please….the winners are Rose McChesney, Trish Bertrand and Cindy Reeves (and the […]

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