Meet Jen



Yay! It’s sooo nice to meet you. I’m Jen Scerri and I’m really glad you stopped by.


This blog is a happy place to come and learn new things, figure out our passions and talents and DECIDE to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks of us. Isn’t that awesome?! I feel like I can relax and breathe freely already, don’t you?


What is all this about you ask? My big wish is that by coming here you will feel inspired and motivated to follow your most embarrassing, amazing, and exciting dreams and see how totally fabulous your life can be. I call this adorable little piece of the internet Jen and Company because YOU (yes, you right there reading this right now) are the “company” part of Jen and Company. See, I made room for you because I knew you were coming and I’m happy you are here so we can get started :) This is a place to find your inner awesomeness, to remember your super hero powers and start putting them to use. We need a revolution of happiness, yes? Let’s sprinkle glitter and happy all over the place and watch what happens.


I spent a chunk of my life being soo stressed and worried about pretty much everything. What people thought of me, was I good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, a good mommy…blah, blah, blah. I had forgotten that I am a total rock star, girl genius and all around amazing person. I couldn’t feel my inner sparkle because I was focused on fitting in, being normal and following the rules.


Um, as it turns out, that was a super lame way to live. Sooo, I decided that life is too short to sit around feeling insecure and stressed out. Besides, that was super un-fun. I committed myself to creating a life I love and being role model to my kiddos of a life lived on purpose.


Deciding to be amazing and allowing myself to be happy, silly and dorky (when necessary) has been extremely happifying. This is our space to be brave, be goofy and be our REAL and loveable selves. I have declared it and made it so.






20 Things about Jen


1)     I make up my own words all the time, in case you haven’t noticed


2)     I feel like a warrior princess when I finish a mud run


3)     I love my family and friends and am fiercely loyal


4)     I got my B.A. at U.C. Davis in Political Science and Human Development


5)     I will be fluent in Spanish (eventually)


6)     Almonds and pineapple make my tummy hurt (it’s no bueno)


7)     I bust out in nerdy dance moves on a regular basis, often accompanied by out of tune singing


8)     My daughter thinks I am both embarrassing and cool all at the same time


9)     I got my Masters in Public Administration at San Francisco State


10)  I have two adorable children


11)  My dog is my third child (although much furrier than the other two)


12)  I’m sensitive and think deeply


13)  I love crafting! (stamps, glitter, paper = heaven)


14)  Halloween is my favorite holiday because nothing beats playing with face paint and costumes


15)  I am a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser


16)  I am a ninja (ok, not really, I’m more of a pacifist)


17)  I don’t have room for toxic, mean, negative people in my life, they suck up the happiness


18)  I like vampires (only the romantic ones)


19)  I love to dance Salsa


20)  I am addicted to organization and storage containers