Pretty Crafts and DIY

Valentine’s Day Wreath

31 Jan , 2015  

Valentine's Day Wreath Tutorial by Jen & Co

I love decorating for the holidays!  If I can make a wreath, a banner, perhaps use some GLITTER, then I am in!  Any excuse to buy craft supplies, girl.  Sometimes, I actually manage to make the project I envision and sometimes, not so much. You might have already noticed my obsession with burlap wreaths.  I […]

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Pretty Crafts and DIY

Holiday Craft-A-Thon: Pretty Burlap Wreath and Fun Canvas Sign

2 Dec , 2014  

Christmas Wreath 2014 Jen and

I am all about creating a life more awesome by, among other things, filling yourself up with happy by doing things you love to do.  What better way to start off the Holiday countdown than to show you a few of the things I love to do.  Decorating for Christmas and making crafts and handmade […]

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